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Sawbriar Gundogs strives to produce healthy and calm tempered Labradors for the field or home.  We use all the current DNA testing available as well as having the hips and elbows certified prior to breeding.  This not only allows for vetting the dam and sire but also aids in selecting breeding pairs  We believe these tests aid in insuring the pups will be as healthy as possible and ensure a good start for an outstanding hunting or home companion.  A health guarantee is provided and helps ensure you have a healthy pup. 

The pups will all be unaffected by Progressive, Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM) and Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC).  The pups are guarantee to pass OFA (Elbows- Normal; Hips – Fair, Good or Excellent ) for up to 30 months.  Hips and elbows cannot be certified until after 24 months of age.  The eyes also are guaranteed to pass a CERF eye exam by an ophthalmologist.  If the dog fails to meet any of these health guarantees, please contact us for a credit on another pup. 

Please note this guarantee is for a replacement pup and not a refund.  We do not refund money for puppies.  The Guaranteed Labrador does not need to be returned to be replaced. 


If you sell a Sawbriar Labrador to another individual or purchase one from someone other than Sawbriar, the health guarantee for that dog is void.
This is incredibly important, and if discovered that the Labrador in question has been living in a sub-par environment then the guarantee is subject to being voided.
Youtube and your friend down the road with 12 dogs is not the expert opinion we will depend on to determine the health of your Labrador.
If you cut them, we cut you, not literally, just as it relates to our health guarantee.
Seriously, breeding brings about an entire new set of potential problems and concerns if done incorrectly. As a result of this there is no way we can guarantee a labrador after it has been bred.
Finally, it must be stated that we will not guarantee a dog that has endured an injury due to a traumatic event such as if it is hit by a car, abducted by aliens or another event that is outside of the obvious responsibility of Sawbriar.

We closely examine our British labradors to ensure they are the best of the best.

Genetic Carriers:

The Sawbriar guarantee covers affected dogs, not carriers. The Sawbriar will not test puppies from a litter with a carrier parent. We believe in breeding great dogs, and we are thankful for many great dogs in UK pedigrees who also happened to be carriers. If your dog is a carrier, he/she will never experience any health repercussions because of it.

Dew Claws:

Our dogs will not have their dewclaws removed.
This has been a tradition in the USA but not elsewhere for this breed.
There has been a longstanding history of this practice in the United Kingdom.
These pups are expected to potentially be hunting dogs and the dewclaw has proven to be essential around treacherous terrain. There are several good laymen and veterinary articles debunking the tradition of dewclaw removal. One common-sense observation made at The Sawbriar is this: our dewclaws wear evenly with the other nails indicating they are being used in exercise and work.

Veterinary Fees:

The Sawbriar is not responsible for veterinary expenses without prior authorization

How we select our British Labradors…

Our Labradors are selected from long-established bloodlines from England, Scotland, and Ireland.  We have made several fine acquaintances abroad who aid in our acquisition of outstanding adults or pups.  All of our dogs are from field-bred lines and from field trial champion stock.  These dogs are proven to handle standard trial obedience, warm and cold game, and gunfire.  These dogs must prove to be great hunting dogs as well as quiet and obedient in the home or field.  The United Kennel Club has an in-depth database of registered dogs in the UK and we research each bloodline to ensure high-quality health genetics and field trial capabilities.  We put in the research and time so you do not have to.  With this being said, each pup requires proper training to reach its full potential.

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